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Radioplayer - on a radio

Watch Radioplayer - on a radio Online

Video Name : Radioplayer - on a radio

Radioplayer - on a radio Radioplayer - on a radio

Video Info : Download Bangla Video We've built a 'concept radio', a bit like car manufacturers build 'concept cars'. It's designed to show how a 'hybrid' radio could switch seamlessly between DAB, FM, and Internet streams - with a simple interface that enables touch-screen and voice control. We're standing on the shoulders of giants though - none of this would be remotely possible without code from the brilliant folk at Global Radio's 'Creative Technology' department in Bristol. Nick Piggott and James Cridland's work on RadioDNS is also fundamental to the way this radio operates (see radiodns.org for details). As was the collaborative development from TUI Interactive, and the guidance and encouragement from Absolute Radio, and other members of the Radio Technology Group. This prototype is intended to spark debate about how our radios might evolve. Drop us a line if you'd like to get in touch - contact@radioplayer.co.uk.

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