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Radioplayer - Hybrid Car Radio Prototype

Watch Radioplayer - Hybrid Car Radio Prototype Online

Video Name : Radioplayer - Hybrid Car Radio Prototype

Radioplayer - Hybrid Car Radio Prototype Radioplayer - Hybrid Car Radio Prototype

Video Info : Download Bangla Video A new way of upgrading your old car stereo. This hybrid adaptor gives you digital radio, hands-free calling, inbound text alerts over your speakers, audio traffic news, and Bluetooth for your music tracks. This prototype was designed and built by UK Radioplayer, a non-profit partnership, aimed at keeping radio simple. Find out more, and download our free apps for mobile and tablet, at www.radioplayer.co.uk. It uses some of the open standards for hybrid radio developed by the RadioDNS project, and builds on their brilliant work. Find out more at www.radiodns.org. Also thanks to Connects2, Togglebit, Furthermore, Codegent, INRIX, and Create Soho.

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